The Antisocial Bug

Until I discovered that ambiverts were a thing, I was oftly confused by the mercurial nature of my social habits. There are times when I like nothing more than to be in front of a crowd, times when I like being part of a crowd, times I need to be just utterly left alone and times when I just want the company of my dearest friends and no one else.

So, you know, I am human.

What that paragraph up there doesn’t do is fit nicely in the categories of extrovert and introvert. I can be exceptionally extroverted. Here I am, for instance, talking about my internal states of being on the Internet, that most public of forums. I know that a lot of you out there do the same thing and think of yourselves as introverts but—Spoiler Alert!—you’re not. You’ve got the extrovert gene.

It’s just context sensitive.

This weekend was one of those introverted times. With a strong helping of the desire to be with my best friends. Unfortunately it happened to synch up with one of the highlights of my calendar year: Indiecade. That’s the Festival of Independent Games that blows through Culver City like a fresh wind every October.

There are very nice, smart people at Indiecade. Some of them are my friends. Some of them would make pretty good friends, and a few even tried to be friendly this weekend.

But…big but, I cannot lie…I wasn’t having it this weekend. My mind was elsewhere, on old wounds. When I finally tracked down the reason for those feelings I got open back to new things. By then it was too late.

Luckily I had access to a few of those dear friends, and so my sanity meter went back up and I’m ready to face a bear of a week with both feet planted firmly on the ground. Under an overcast Los Feliz sky.