Reboot and Simplify

This week finds me on staycation, a condition that at least one friend expressed dismay over, but which I relish.

This is my time to step away from the Internet, or at least cut significantly back, and immerse myself in the things that I profess to love but never find myself doing: cooking, hitting up museums, running around theme parks, and writing for myself.

It feels great. It feels like a reboot. From Schumacher to Nolan.

What I'm uncovering during this reboot is the necessity of simplification. Simplification leads to focus, and focus leads to impact. Much like hate leads to suffering.

Speaking of suffering: I really need to find out where the "Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional" line from last week's Arrow has its origins.

It has been on my mind ever since.

I might not pop my head up again here this week, for the simple reason that it has been very nice to not have to type for a few days. Blasted thing hurts me hands.

Then again, I am getting into the swing of dictating via the iPhone once more. So you might have to deal with some epically long posts soon.

Because I finally have time to unknot the thoughts.