Only Pretending To Be Pretending

I miss Brooklyn.

I was only there for a, well less than a week, actually. It wasn’t enough time. I wouldn’t want to make NYC my home-hime, but damn if it wouldn’t be great to spend a few weeks a year—Fall and Spring—there.

We’ve really managed something amazing with just how diametrically opposed our two cultural capitals are in the United States. NYC and LA manage to complete each other. If there’s any real problem with either city it comes about when people try and behave like they are in the other one. Which explains the asshole drivers in both cities.

If it were somehow possible to co-locate the two, or build some kind of dimensional bridge that let you slip from Echo Park to Park Slope. Maybe we could put the Echo Park end in the bathroom at Stories, and the Park Slope one in Cocoa Bar.

Maybe there already is one in the 826 franchises. Maybe Dave Eggers is holding out on us. Echo Park, Park Slope, The Mission… all of them have an 826 variant. Superhero Supply, Time Travel Mart. Those "fake stores" are only pretending to be pretending. They're TARDISes. Think about it: it makes sense.