Quiet Time

I've spent more time off-line this week than usual, and God does it feel good.

That's a far cry from ten or fifteen years ago, when the Internet was a refuge of sanity from a world that just didn't make sense. The tables seemed to have turned in the interim, and nothing is more emblematic of that than...sigh...GamerGate.

It's still there, crapping up my Twitter feed. The thing that gets to me is that a cadre of very vocal, very confused young people are being recruited to the Dark Side by opportunistic Reganite Culture Warriors to fight in a never ending Ragnarok against Academic Culture Warriors.

No one gets to stay neutral, and as a by-the-textbook-definition feminist (Political, economic, and social equality between the sexes? Check.) I find myself begrudgingly siding with the academics. I’m Progressive as fuck, I just can’t stand the tactics my side uses.

That’s because the people who tend to be willing to fight the fight the most are the people who relish fights the most.

I don’t see life as drama, I see it as tragedy (when it isn’t comedy). Everything comes down to a giant misunderstanding that is made deadly because people won’t let their pride get out of the way.

Throw in a few sociopathic trolls and you’ve got the end of the world, over and over.

My only hope is that Colbert put a nail in the coffin of GamerGate last night. Sure: the Culture War isn’t going to end, but this incarnation is well past its prime.

There’s also a Call of Duty game coming out, so the kids should be too busy with that to care.

If they’re not, we should really question their credentials as gamers. ;-)

On a serious note: I’ve been thinking that the core of the problem is that for almost 40 years now we haven’t had a model of what masculinity should be that doesn’t have its roots in either the Old Ways or as a reaction to the Old Ways/1st- and 2nd- wave feminism.

If young men had better models for the gender portion of their identity (those who like to read too closely, please note the exact wording there) then I don’t think they would feel as confused/threatened by criticisms of the Old Ways. Or be so easily recruited by Brietbart’s Uruk-hai.

Anyway, all this is brewing inside me right now. What I’m trying not to do is expose myself to the latest flashpoint, in the hopes that I can see some of the currents that are running underneath and… what? Make something of it?