The Five Friends You Need

While deep in my cups a few weeks back I spontaneously pontificated on the five types of friends that you need in order to make it through this thing we call life.

  • The Bulldog: who pushes you to do things you wouldn't otherwise do.
  • The Cheerleader: who keeps your spirits up.
  • The Peer: who inspires you, sometimes as a rival, sometimes as a partner.
  • The Ego Checker: who makes sure your head doesn't get too big.
  • The Confidant: to whom you can confess your transgressions without fear of judgement.

Roles can move around, evolve over time, and even be “double cast” if needed. You’re extra lucky if you have more than one of any of these.

In the cold light of sobriety—one of my Confidants texted me the list so I wouldn’t forget while an Ego Checker asked me if I’d prepared it all beforehand—I realized that not only is it a good idea to have all these “character classes” around you but it is important to play these roles in other people’s lives.

[Cue the part where everyone starts asking me what their role is.]