Each In Our Own Way

The drive in was ridiculously easy today. Los Angeles with grey skies and lightly trafficked streets is a kind of paradise everyone should get to experience at least once in their life.

For a moment I thought I had just found the proper flow—a little vein of time when you can slip down Vermont to the 10 without getting caught in the post-9AM crunch. (As opposed to the 9AM crunch, the 10AM crunch, the 7, 7:30, 8, etc., etc.)

Then my mom reminded me, as I chatted with her on the phone, that today is a Federal holiday. So I’m not lucky, I’m just an unpatriotic idiot.

No, that’s not fair. We just never get Veteran’s Day off at my job, so it’s easy to forget that everyone else does. Not that I’m complaining. I would have just spent today playing Halo.

Okay. Maybe now I’m complaining. Master Chief can’t save Earth all by his lonesome. He needs me to finish the fight. Again.

But hey: if I didn't have to drive in I wouldn't have met that 12-year old corgi this morning and I wouldn't have nodded at Ten^, who was sitting on the office couch when I strode into West^^ at 10 on the dot.

^ David Tennant, the Tenth Doctor Who
^^ NPR West

Note: when looking up something online—say whether or not a period at the end of an abbreviation is sufficient to end a sentence as well—it would be really great if there was a “get a second opinion” button hovering just out of reach. Also: English has too many rUlEz.