Sometimes Clever Doesn't Matter

There have been plenty of times in my life that I've worshiped at the altar of clever. It started, in part, when a high school crush asked me to figure out a riddle becuase "Noah, you're clever."

It was the best-worst thing anyone had said to me at that point.

Once upon a time I desperately wanted to be the wittiest person in the room. The speed with which one could respond to a quip, a fact, an errant assertion? That was all that mattered.

A decade and a half of life online has cured me of that affliction.

These days I'd rather take the time to understand what is going on behind the banter and the masks. Perhaps the wit will come back into play at some point--solve et coagula and all that jazz--but in our current kairos it really feels like paitence is required.

It's not that I need to be right, it's that there's so much that can be wrong.