That 'Star Wars' trailer matters more than you think.

The other day the pop culture wing of the Internet lost its shit because of Ridley Scott's statements about why he used white actors in Exodus, the Biblical movie he's made.

The outrage that followed might very well have been a case of killing the messenger, as the quotes I saw didn't say much about how he felt about not being able to finance a film if he didn't use "recognizable," and therefore white, actors.

It's an ugly conventional wisdom in Hollywood that is mirrored in the wisdom that women can't open blockbusters. The gender conventional wisdom is being steadily demolished by The Hunger Games and Diverent series, but the race issue hasn't been cracked yet.

One thing I hear is that Europe is even more racist than we are, and that black actors don't go over well in China. Maybe that's bullshit, although the way 12 Years A Slave was marketed in Italy last year suggests that maybe it's not all excuses.

Which brings us to today's Star Wars teaser.

The first fave we see is that of a young black male, the second is a young white woman, and the final face is that of adult Latino male.

The only action franchise where you might see a trailer with that kind of castin up until now was the Fast & Furious series, and even that was anchored by a white dude--the late Paul Walker.

This is a major shift. The biggest movie on the horizon is being marketed with a diverse cast. Sure, the marketing team isn't out they're beating a drum about it, instead they're flying casual. That nonchalance, however, can go a long way towards resetting the perceived norms in entertainment.