Oh Right, There’s An Election Tomorrow

As someone who was once obsessed with politics I find it fascinating that I’m just not all that engaged with the mid-term elections. If anything I’m just scratching my head: why are the GOP looking like they are going to break out and take the Senate as they expand their lead in the House? Hasn’t everyone been watching them drag their heels for two years? Don’t we all hate Congress?

I suppose it’s the problem with the way out whole system is set up: shit tons of money pumped into a structure that is driven best by an “us vs. them” narrative which only allows for two sides.

This isn’t the 18th, or even 19th or 20th Century.

We’ve got to do better than this.

(That being said, get out there and do your duty. Vote. You can't legitamtely complain for the next two years if you don't cast a ballot. Reform is going to take preassure from both inside and outside the system. So get to squeezing.)