I could be sulking today: the election was just as bad on the surface as any of us on the Left feared it would be. INTERSTELLAR failed to live up to my personal expecations, and someone else won the huge-ass lottery jackpot. (What? One must have HOPE.)

However, it is Wedensday. An alternate Wedensday at that.

Which means I have comic books to read, an issue of No Proscenium to finish putting together after I wrap up my paid work, and since it is the first Wedensday of the month Public School to attend tonight at the Virgil.

I can't drink--being strict on my diet again, save for that concilitory cookie that sacrificed itself in my mouth this morning--but I should be able to gaze upon this day of good works at the other end of it and feel a warm feeling.

If that fails, at least Arrow and The Flash will be waiting for me on the DVR. Those rarely fail to cheer me up.