You're Gonna Make Mistakes

That apple cart? It's getting turned over.

Those people over there? They're getting offended.

The beautiful chick with the PH.D and the saucy smile really hates that you referred to her as a chick.

The trolls just keep coming not matter how many times you shut them down with sound logic.

You totally botched that last analysis.

Tounge tied in a Gordian knot.

The pain is real and no one gives a fuck, because they're hurting too and maybe--just maybe--their condition is more serious. They sure as hell think so.

That last draft is shit.

The screw-ups are going to keep coming, but you can't care.

Because you tried the Path of Not Making Mistakes, and that turns out to be the secret of Anti-Life. (Don't tell Darkseid.)

Stories don't happen without making a whole fuckton of mistakes.

Guess who's gonna go make some?