It's not really "Morning Matter"...

...when I put it up after noon, but hey. I'm laggy today.

Laggy and hip deep in social media and looking to surf on some flows. I've got Star Wars, racism, and social media problems on my mind. I'm balancing the wisdom of Chris Rock--"White Progress" is such a killer concept--against what I'm seeing as a short sided dogpile on Ridley Scott.

Look: I don't know if the guy who directed American Gangster and cast a Syrian as Saladin in Kingdom of Heaven for historical accuracy reasons is actually secretly racist or was just tired of fighting the suits on financing so he could make a multi-million dollar remake of The Ten Commandments.

What I do know is that Medium post that is making the rounds is focusing on the easy target--a celebrity--when the real target is right there in front of everybody: the system of film financing that has an institutional bias towards established stars and white actors. It's great and all that David Dennis Jr. thinks that Scott has the pull to do whatever he wants in Hollywood... but that just isn't how this city works.

Is Scott not fighting for a non-whitewashed cast a cop-out and offensive? Fuck yes. Is that not a product of the very things that Scott talks about in the Variety interview?

Dude: this is the forest right here. This is what people talk about at cocktail parties in Hollywood: that the financial system which underpins studio pictures is biased to the point of racist. If you spend all your time meditating on the tree you’ll miss the message whispered in the woods.

It's time to go District 7 on Tinseltown.