Knocked for a loop by the littlest little prick...

Flu shots: the nasty little necessity that comes with 7.125 Billion people, many of which are packed into dense urban areas like my beloved Los Angeles.

I got mine yesterday and within the hour I was symptomatic. It actaully made me freak out a little. Have I developed the metabolism of The Flash? Why haven't I been able to shed the last ten pounds I want to lose without a psychic struggle then?

Anyway: my brain shut down along with my body. I crammed it with food and superhero media. Guess what? Guardians of the Galaxy totally holds up on a second viewing. It's the little touches: like the alien prisoner lady watching a hologram and crying that makes it feel so full of life. Great flick that.

And how about that ending of Arrow? Did not see that coming.

Anyway. There are many birthdays to wish, a couple of things to edit, essays to write, an apartment to decorate, cookie recipies to gather and a show to plan.

I probably shouldn't have said that last one. Eh, my defenses are still down.