Teach The Network

Version 0.5

It seems to me that most of the problems that we have as a people—I’m talking humanity here as a whole—has a common solution.

This isn’t an easy solution or a quick one. Instead it’s a methodology. A way of seeing the world. A paradigm if you will.

I call it “Teach The Network.”

Whether it is the debates over ongoing environmental crisis or the way in which police forces and citizenry are set in opposition to each other the underlying problem is that the differing “sides” don’t see themselves as part of the same fabric of being. There’s all this “us vs. them” when the hard facts are that—like it or not—we’re fucking stuck with each other.

Only are willing to admit that. To even see that this is baldly true. There is no where on this planet where a man can be an island. Not even on the islands anymore. Every part of our world—from this tree in Los Angeles to that rock in Addis Abba—is entangled with each other. Human society even more-so.

My suspicion is that the generations that currently stand here in the West—Boomers, Gen X, even Millennials—are perhaps too ensconced as a whole in their individual uber alles mindset to learn how to see network. There are exceptions of course. There’s also a pathology of the Network: which sees a culture as one will. There’s a lot of that in religious fundamentalism. That’s not what I’m talking about, however.

To see the Network is to see the connections and know the part one has to play inside of it while retaining agency. Each individual is both a whole in themselves and part of the greater Network. The individual is sustained by the Network and the Network sustained by the individual. Symbiosis with room to change and grow.

If we, with our limited ability to see the Network, can start teaching the next generation to look for it I think we just might, might be able to keep humanity from going the way of the dinosaurs.