Getting My Jedi Back On

One day I’ll retell my origin story, how Star Wars stepped in on one of the darkest days of my childhood and gave me hope.

Today, however, I’m kinda busy and I just wanted to note that I’m finding joy in slipping back into old ways of thinking: using the shortcuts of “The Force,” “the Dark Side,” and the "Jedi Code" to guide me towards…well towards a gentler way of being.

For a long time I resented the ethics that Lucas and Kasdan laid down in A New Hope and Empire, because I saw them as a rejection of passion. That’s a shitty way to live: passionless. Over time I’ve come to understand that it’s not about rejecting emotion as much as it is a ethics of how to wield’s one’s own power. A path that keeps one mindful of the network effects of one’s actions.

It’s a rainy day in LA and I’d really like to unpack this for a while…but duty calls.