Truly Outrageous

Man can’t live on outrage alone, even though we’ve been conducting this noble experiment on the Internet these past cough cough years.

It’s gotten comical, because everything and anything can cause outrage. Every little Internet person is their own personal North Korea, with a heart hand-crafted by Kim Jong Un. When everything causes outrage, nothing is truly truly outrageous.

Except Jem and the Holograms, but they’re getting a movie and that means somewhere, someone’s childhood is being wrecked and they are outraged by that.

Maybe it was easier… or if not easier maybe it just made more sense, when outrage was corralled into the time while you were reading the morning paper and then again when you were arguing over diner after the evening news broadcast.

Cable killed that, and the evening news is just fear mongering and saber rattling and it gets to the point where nothing seems to mean anything in the media anymore and that’s a damn shame because there are things that #Matter and things that matter so much they don’t need a hashtag. (That’s not shade on #BlackLivesMatter, because black lives matter, that’s shade on the state of our language. Hashtags are a whole other kettle of fish. Maybe for the day job. Sure, why not. One last 2014 thinker. Thank’s #MorningMatter readers, you’ve given me something to do that pays today.)

It’s our duty to disconnect.

I think I’m going to find a place for technology shabbats in my life next year. I know I need to.

At least switching off broadcast/read mode one day a week. The Sunday brunch photos will stockpile well for Monday Mornings.

Alright. Enough. Time to go kill some dreams.