If Not For Missouri…

If not for Missouri you could almost say that things were going back close enough to normal that we could have ourselves a merry little Christmas. Everyone was going to get to be disappointed by The Interview as much as they wanted, the shopping numbers have been kinda meh but the Dow is up and gas is down and I bet most people can’t even remember why they were mad at Obama back in November. Nothing like a “I voted for the GOP” hangover.

Except for Missouri.

Look: there’s video footage, so the truth will out on whether or not Antonio Martin had a gun and aimed it at the cops. That’s not what got under my skin as I turned in last night (why I check Twitter right before I go to bed I’ll never know). It’s the reports that they let the guy bleed out, that an ambulance never came, that’s what gets to me.

Our law enforcement—and I say our because we’re culpable at the financial level at the very least—shouldn’t be operating like the streets of our cities and towns are the Wild West. Leaving men to bleed out in the streets after a shootout.

How we treat our dead—and make no mistake that whether he was innocent or had criminal intent Antonio Martin is still our dead—defines a society. If you want to argue that point with me I’ll be over here, thumbing through a well-worn copy of Antigone, Mr. Creon, sir.