I Should Probably Sue Bioware...

I can't count the number of projects I've had derailed thanks to the fine craftsmanship of Bioware's video games. Knights of the Old Republic cut a novel off at its knees, Mass Effect burned down a screenplay.

Dragon Age: Inquisition has the potential to eclipse my entire life. It presents, after all, a version of the world that is more pliant in my hands. Oh, sure, there isn't quite the infinite variety of options that there are in the real world, but that's part of the appeal: in Thedas you kind of know what you have to do.

And there is so much to do: fight Apostate Mages and Corrupted Templars, pick herbs, dispatch assassins to foreign courts, shop for drapes, sit in judgement on the accused... and that's just on Saturdays.

What I wish is that instead of dropping a whole buffet table worth of game on us that the business model was to release this stuff episodically. This would calm my completionist streak and give the Jerzy Grotowski and William Butler Yeats I’m currently reading as prep for a project a fighting chance.

Okay, okay: so I did knock out some of both of those yesterday. Just not as much as I could have if my heart wasn’t anchored at Skyhold.