Dragon Age: GTD Style

Dragon Age: Inquisition is just too big. It has gone from "all-consuming fun obsession" to "mild anxiety inducing where's-my-spreadsheet-mania."

To lose oneself in the game is to get deeply confused as to what the fuck is going on. I mean, I can track it--tracking fictional universes is, like, my core competency—but the sheer volume of stuff is sucking the joy out of the process for me. Every RPG has moments where some quest lines are more interesting than others. In DA:I those quest lines seem to be the size of whole video games.

So I’m turning to the only thing I know how to do when I’m feeling overwhelmed by something in life: I’m turning to David Allen’s Getting Things Done. Right now, at this very moment I’m starting a project for DA:I in Omnifocus. There. Done.

Once I’ve posted this I’m going into the game and transcribing three or four of the open areas I’ve got running into the project. (Omnifocus nerds: the Context for these are going to be “Thedas,” which is the name of the Dragon Age setting.) I’ll aim to take down one of these quest lines a day. Just one. Okay, maybe two but that’s it.

That way I’ll stretch out the time I have with the game and simultaneously not crowd out the rest of my life with the Inquisitor’s problems.

A part of me feels like this is a game design failure. One that is a cousin to the verisimilitude issues I’m having with travel in the game. But that’s another matter, for another morning.