The Most Anticipated Films of 3015

The New Year is upon us, so there’s no better time than now to start talking about the year’s most exciting films!!!!

What better way than a list? Just like our ancestors used to make!!!!

10. Mission Impossible: Cold Protocol Breach Force
9.  Disney’s Ethniu 
8.  You, Frankenstein: The IMIND EXPERIENCE
7.  Robocop vs. Terminator vs. Batman vs. Doctor Doom vs. The RZA
6.  Peter Cameron’s Lords of Avarnia: Draco Part Nine 
5.  Assorted Historical Personages In Unlikely Scenarios II
4.  Flllllarbit! 
3.  Untitled Paul Thomas Anderson film 
2.  Pixar’s The Friendly Panda
1.  Star Wars Episode CCCXXVII: Revan Rises