Morning Matter Bonus Round: You Made Me

That SJW block list is no laughing matter, as you’ve probably heard by now. Ginned up by a disturbed indvidual of the rape- and death-threat variety. A doxxy troll who uses the transparency of police reports against his victims… or so I’ve seen it told. (Too lazy to link at the moment.)

Someone put me on the list… and I find that hilarious. I’m not exactly the pure SJW. I play Halo. I’ve enjoyed myself some Grand Theft Auto in my day (but found V unredemptive and boring so I took it back), and… well let’s just say that I have an expanded sense of what consenting adults can do. I’m slow to judge a person’s faults.

On top of that I find a lot of SJW’s a bit to scoldy for my tastes. Some of the bigger figures like to brawl a little more than I due. I’m a bit Clintonian in my desire to find common ground. Call it the Skywalker Fallacy: I tend to think there is good in people. There’s good in people and making them feel like bad people doesn’t tend to bring it out in them, it just feeds the Dark Side.

But because I don’t like it when women are harassed, because I think that Black Lives Matter, because I’m tired of just sitting silently and watching my world burn I’m suddenly a crusader in the eyes of those who don’t get that the point of life is to have everyone playing together and working towards something awesome. Like getting to Mars or solving hunger.

Somehow this makes me “the enemy.”


I just want those folks to remember: you made me.