They're Not Meant To Be A Solution...

I keep seeing people say that making body cams on police mandatory wouldn't be a solution to police brutality. That the Eric Garner decision is proof of this.

Look: if no one had filmed Garner's death we probably wouldn't be talking about it today. If there wasn't footage of Tamir Rice's death--which I can't bring myself to watch after reading reactions to it, I really don't think I can handle seeing another black kid shot to death by police after the number of times I had to watch Oscar Grant get killed for work--we wouldn't have it as evidence in the court of public opinion to hold cops accountable.

Which is the ultimate point.

Bodycams on cops are not a solution, they are a means to an end.

What sucks is how big a pile of evidence it seems we'll need to amass before we can convince the fence-sitting middle that the War on Drugs metastasized (long ago) into a War on Black Folk.