Rowena Reservoir

The other night, in order to shirk my “responsibilities” at the gym, I decided to take a solid hike around my neighborhood. Explore some of the parts I hadn’t been to yet. This was deep into the dusk, and the sky was that post-sundown purple that LA does so beautifully.

For this outing I chose to make a loop of the Rowena reservoir. It’s just a few blocks away and while I drive past it almost every day I had yet to get a good look. I wasn’t even sure if a good look was possible, but it was worth the stroll.

From the street the reservoir looks like it might have a little landscaping going on. Up close it is beyond beautiful: a pedestrian pathway runs along a perimeter dotted with palm trees and lush low foliage. The upper part flows into the lower by way of a wide rocky “rapids” whose babbling churn could launch a thousand naps. It is one of the most gorgeous urban parks I’ve ever seen.

All behind a fence. All but the local house cats and coyotes barred entrance.

Apparently the reservoir isn’t even in use any more.