The midterm elections are coming, just a few short months away now, and Congress is sporting its lowest approval ratings in something like forever.

Of course, this being America, most of the Congresscritters survived their primary challenges, Eric Cantor being a notable exception. He got shellacked for not being obstructionist enough, apparently.

Look we all know what is holding this country back: the Republican controlled House of Representatives. We also know that Washington is fucked in general and we can’t really trust the Democratic Party unless we watch them like hawks, and there’s too many episodes of Chopped and The Bachelor(ette) to do that job properly.

But for one shining day in November we can make a difference. We can kick the living shit out of the GOP and give President Obama a chance to do something other than fight a holding action against a bunch of racist pricks for two years. I mean: aren’t you just fucking tired of that show by now?

This doesn’t absolve any of us of the work that needs to be does to fix the system, but it’s not like immiseration actually get us there any faster. We’ve had the last 30 years of American economic policy to prove that out.

Imagine having two years to hope again. Imagine a world where the phrase “Speaker Boehner” are a thing of the past.