This guy.

This guy right here. I mean, a real oligarch's oligarch, amirite?

Annex a peninsula, charm the German Chancellor, persecute some gays and feminists and you're the bear wrasslin' star of every little ultra-right Wigner's dreams.

So your proxies in Ukraine get sloppy. Bring down an airliner filled with Dutch. What are the Dutch gonna do? Throw tulips at you? Not come to the World Cup in 2018?

No one can touch you. The Americans don't have the moral authority since Bush squandered it in Iraq and Obama doubled down on drones. The UN remains a fun way to play with moral outrage, a high stakes Twitter board.

This guy.

This zit on the face of Mother Russia.

Every teenager knows how to deal with a zit: put pressure in its sides until it pops. Squeeze the supporting tissue until all the oil and filth ejects itself from the surface.

Putin may be the strong man of Russia, but he's as reliant on his allies as anyone in power. Make their lives hell and they'll do the heavy lifting for the rest of us.

Because this guy has got to go.