Let’s Do Lunch

Staring down the barrel of a fair number of meetings over food in the next few days. Which is a minor form of disaster when I’m locked in a death struggle with the FinalFive.

No matter how much I pep talk myself about it I can’t help but feel weird trying to stay on diet—“on schedule” in my personal parlance, as if burgers and chocolate were controlled substances—while siting across from someone I barely know.

Part of it is the desire to project competence/normalcy. I don’t want to look like I have some kind of problem with food. The nice thing about the weight I’ve already lost is that at first glance I don’t look like I have as much of a problem with food as I used to. In clothes its getting harder to tell if I’m chubby or built like a truck.

Still, I can’t stop the knee jerk reaction that years of food based neurosis trigger when it comes to eating with people. I also have this annoying habit of losing track of what I’m eating while I’m talking with folks, so I just keep shoveling it in.

I don’t expect the diet-side of the equation in these lunch/breakfast/dinner meetings to go all that well, but I hope to minimize the damage.