Wonder Density

Four years into the Los Angeles experiment and the city is still yielding secrets to me. It's possible I would have run through the storehouse of hidden data long ago if I had the financial means to do so, but even then the city is like a maze that keeps changing when your back is turned.

Ine of my favorite variations of the discovery process goes something like this: I hear about a place thanks to a piece of social media or some old fashioned word of mouth from a friend. Maybe both. The word of mouth gives me a frame of reference for where this new restaurant/cafe/bookstore/barcade/den of iniquity physically lies.

I realize I've been by this spot a thousand times without noticing it at all. Without knowing I should look for it, really.

Then the next time I pass by: bam it's there. As if it was conjured up by legend.

Or I look up from the Maps app to find that I'm staring right at the sought-for place.

Both of these scenarios happened just yesterday.

The best of all is the unexpected discovery. The stumble-upon. I feel one coming on.