The Quantified Self: Bespoke Edition

Over the years I've used a ton of gizmos to try and get a sense of the numbers in my life. There's been a BodyBugg, a Nike Fitness band, RPG character sheets, the Lift app, GTD methods, etc. and so on.

What's never been great about all that is fitting the odd contours of my life into someone else's focus group tested vision of what matters. I'm not sure how anyone really can just "go with the program" with these things. The inisghts can be useful: I wouldn't have lost the weight I have without the Withings scale I currently use and the app that tracks the curve of my weight that comes with it. Yet the data and the interpretation of the data are diffent things.

I've taken, for the past month and a half, to using a system of my own "design" to track a set of metrics that matter to me. To reinforce a sense of growth and progress. I won't share that system here, because the point is that what I've got cooking won't work for everyone, and it probably wouldn't work for anyone but me. What it does, however, is give me a different perspective on the mass and motion of my actions. It helps me see patterns that interact with my moods, and makes me aware of how little effort it takes to make me feel good enough to take on the bigger problems.

Try getting that out of the next wareable device.

(Not that an app that let you build your own systems with zero coding wouldn't be manna from heaven. The closest I've come is the Counters app, which just lets you set simple counters for different values, and lets you deterimine what the reset value should be. I use one as a willpower tracker. Yup. Like the RPG playing dork that I am.)