Processing Parallels

Like any decent human being of the American persusasion I remained obsessed with the news out of Ferguson all weekend. If anything the events that unfolded since the arrival of Cap. Ron Johnson on the scene have only been more of a shock than what happened before. For a minute there, it really looked like the world wasn't going to come apart at the seams.

Life, however, has other plans for me than just staying glued to Twitter--the only reliable news source left to us all, even if you have to bring some serious critical faculties to bear to use it--and that meant that I spent the weekend living in two very different worlds. In meat space I was helping a friend move-in to a new apartment, trying out virtual reality experiences, and cooking people brunch. Always a flick of the wrist away was the roller coaster horror show of militarized police, beleagued protestors, and angry young men itching for a fight with the cops.

It says something about the state of the world that I don't expct this week to be any different. Which means finally developing the capacity to emotionally multitask. Sure, I could turn away from Ferguson. That would be easy, all I'd have to do is switch on Facebook and it would be as if it wasn't happening.

Yet if all I can do is stand as witness, even from afar, that's what I'm going to do.