Cyborg Hearts

It's too easy to have a cyborg heart. To identify with an idea at the expense of not seeing people. It is espeically easy to do this when the people standing to oppose you are old hats at dehumanizing.

I write this not as chastisment, but as a reminder to myself to always see the person under the rhetoric, the armor, the badge, the slogan. To know that they are subject to the same fears and hopes that pulse through my veins. That it may ne "selfish" from their point of view for me to practice emapthy by analogy, but if that's the tool I have for synching up with their heart I'm going to use it, goddamnit.

The world doesn't work, it seems, without the ideas and the externalities. Confusion sets in when a crowd of voices becomes cacaphony. Strive to see the forest and the trees.