Multiversal Geography

The majority of the inside of my head is a mash-up of classical theatre, virutal reality, and the Star Wars and DC Universes. Of all these the most naviagable--and indeed the one that sets the frame work--is the DCU. Actually, it's the DC Multiverse, with it's Infinite Earths and the "higher dimensional fluid medium" of the Bleed which connects them all together.

For the better part of three decades the powers that be at DC have been shy about their Multiverse. They worry that the alternate versions of characters is too confusing for your average comic book fan. Personally I think they're wrong. I think it's too complicated for the avergae vocal comic book fan. But that's for another time.

This week DC finally unleashed a work that my favorite writer--not just of comics, but writer (despite the fact that he pretty much only writes comics)--has been tinkering with for the better part of a decade. It's called The Multiversity, and reading it yesterday was a pure joy: President Superman from Earth-23 (based on Barack Obama) is recruited by Thunderer, the Aboriginal Thor analogue of Earth-7 for a mission to rescue Nix Uotan, the SuperJudge, last of the Multiversal Monitors from the clutches of the Gentry.

The Gentry are a pantheon of omni-dimensonal beings from beyond the Source Wall (that's the barrier of all Creation) whose purpose is to make the lives of inhabitants of the Multiverse an endless stream of grimdark misery.

The Gentry are clearly the publishers of DC Comics.

There's supposed to be a point to all this, but these are my brain warm-ups and I got wrapped up in the details. Which is as good a metaphor as any for life.

There is nothing to fear from a Multiverse, unless you hate imagination and the boundless freedom that it brings. My personal hope is that the end of Multiversity will include an acknolwedgement that there are worlds beyond the 52 that DC has imposed as a limitation on its writers. An acknowledgement of the power of the imagination to shape possibiity.

A transmatter pulse of hope in the grimdark supercystaline structure of Earth-Prime.