He's An Angelino Now, Too Far Gone...

The want to build a park over a mile of freeway in Hollywood. 38 Acres in what is one of the most scared parts of the city, at least from an urban beautification point of view. It would be something like our own Highline, only flat and not a tenth as dramatic. To the tourits who would come visit it would look like any old park.

What’s underneath would be a nightmare: a mile long tunnel which at rush hour is one of one of the most congested freeways in America. Imagine being stuck down in that. I don’t even use the 101 at rush hour and I can’t wish that fate on anybody.

For the all the psychic good a nice big park in Hollywood would do, I bet it would be balanced out by the sheer psychosis that the tunnel would cause.

And so there I am: arguing for an open freeway over a beautiful park.

I really am an Angelino now.