The International Foodie Underground

It is hip these days to bash on those of us who post pictures of food and drink on Instagram.

"I don't want to see your lunch!" The refrain goes.

What these poor souls dont realize is that food pron is the hobo language of an International Foodie Underground. Geotagged glyphs that are each worth more than 1000 words on Yelp that invariably start with "it was my birthday" before offering up a humiliating anecdote about a minimum wage worker.

Our langugae cuts out all the narcissistic bullshit and goes straight for the caramel filled juggular.

Some of us are better at capturing the visual element of deliciousness than others, but all of us are working towards the same goal: trading tips on where to eat.

The photo I'll be posting later on of this morning's leftover johnnycakes I whipped up for breakfast? Well that's just peacocking on my part, for which I have no shame.