Arguing With Idiots

There's a mistake really smart people make all the time: they get into arguments with idiots.

Idiots who don't listen to actual reason, or who are so hell bent on making their case that they don't listen at all. Actually, smart people do that last thing too, but at least their heart is usually in the right place. Everyone gets a bit myopic now and then.

For some people myopia is a way of being.

Getting into an argument with these types elevates them to a level of legitimacy they don't deserve. You get drawn into a battle you can't win: convincing someone who is emotionally invested in believing you are wrong.

These people don't matter.

The people who matter are the ones who are listening. To you, and unfortunately to them. This is your audience, and those who are listening to both are the critical audience. Waste not your breath on the trolls of the world, address instead the billy goats who are stuck on the bridge of understanding.