The Balance

In the midst of a very long day of battling Ikea furniture I allowed myself a pre-emptive victory beer. It was earned, in part, becuase I had figured out that I didn't need to haul my old (also Ikea) futon down to the dump, that if I can't find a thrift sotre that will come and take it in the next few days a call to the L.A. Sanitation department will get them to pick it up for free.

The beer in question was the Cismontane Citizen, which is tied for "favorite" along with Rogue's Dead Guy Ale, and Smog City's Coffee Porter. Perhaps I should just start having favorites in specific categories. Which would make the Citizen my favorite lager.

I'm not a quick beer drinker, but I can down one of those suckers without noticing it.

Still, I had hours worth of bed building to accomplish. Three and a half play-throughs of the Transformers: The Movie soundtrack (the 80s cartoon, not any of the live-action crap) worth of bed building to be exact. If I was going to get it done I needed caffeine.

Across the street from Spitz, where I got the beer, is H Coffee House. H is my go-to spot since it opened, and they happen to have a Nitro tap for cold brew. That's the same thing they do to Guinness to make it creamy, but in this case it is being done to coffee.

There is nothing better in my book than the leveling effect of coffee and alcohol. It knocks the self-censor straight on his ass and keeps the ideas and energy flowing. If I could get away with it I'd do it every day, but I know I can't without taking on some major damage.

I got the bed done, and kept my sense of humor intact. The evidence for that can be seen over on the Instagram account. NOw you'll excuse me... it is Sunday and the new bed is calling.

(Not really, there are chores a-go-go. Blech.)