Cyborg Souls

There's an instinct to project the cybernetic era onto the future. To a time when we have the Internet hardwired into our skulls, 3D printers make our every meal, and teenagers rebel by way of optional body prostheses.

Yet we already extend our wills through our social media, our egos wrapped up in Facebook likes, retweets, and Instagram favorites. An already fragile sense of self worth quantified through non-monetary metrics becasue there's just no cash left to go around, I suppose.

We do our most important communications in short bursts over text, and our lovemaking over Facetime. The waves of Twitter outrage and the waterfalls of Tumblr feels are the first signs of our evolution into true cyborgs: man-machine hybrids. Yet the good news is that--messy as they are--we're taking our emotions with us.

Fav, Tumbl, and Rt plz.