The Abyss

when I'm attempting to dredge up ficiton of late I've been haunted by the image of a vast dark sea. A version of myself in a long, midnight blue coat stands at the shore, looking out into the night. Beyond the shore lies a mystery I cannot begin to fathom.

This is my metaphor for the ceative process these days. Not that I'm some great success. Far, far from it. I'm byond frustrated with my ability to conjure up creative output these days. I'm actually generating more in terms of sheer numbers since I took up a loose journaling technique that I won't get into here for fear of jinxing it, and the discipline of cranking out one of these every day (more or less, Ikea runs and all-day travel excepted).

Yet the Abyss persists.

I'm almost finding it helpful. I know that because I can't see what lies on the other side of that sea that I just have to trust that the answers are there.

What I'm missing is the time and the insane drive to go swimming in the night dark.