Going Electric

The debate on two of the public radio shows I injest every morning was about the California legislature's pending vote on whether to cap the income level of those who can get the rebtae on electric vehicles. Turns out that only rich folks were taking advantage of the $2500 rebate which, when coupled with a $7500 Federal tax break, totals a cool $10K for going electric.

What on;y came up at the end of the debate was the fact that no one who rents an older apartment in an urban area has eay access to a wall socket where you can plug in an EV. Which means that vast swaths of the population aren't going to be able to take advantage of the rebate because they are "house poor" to borrow the term of art. Sad, sad art.

If the goal of the EV rebates was to speed up adoption of the technology it is probably working. Just look at all the Model S Teslas that are out there now being driven by cheap rich guys.

If the goal of the rebates is to get the middle and working class into EVs, they're not the needed approach. What we need for that to happen is some serious infrastructure overhauls so that aartment dwellers can plug in.