You've Got The Touch (Watch Thought)

I'm not going to make a habit of talking tech here, I swear. That's my day job. Sometimes, though, it is what's on my mind.

The watch news came in at an odd angle, and there are some futurist-types who I respect immensly (Warren Ellis and Jamis Casico to name two) who are completely non-plussed by the announcement.

That's fair. We all knew a watch was coming, and when you look at a digital watch it looks like a digital watch.

What I remain intrigued by is the haptics and the touch functionality on this thing. Having screwed around with devices hacked to give subtle feedback and video games designed to adapt to your heartrate I've seen firsthand how fucking immersive such experiences can be.

They don't melt your face off the way a Michael Bey film does, they creep in under the skin to create a sense of the uncanny. We barely have the language in the entertainment and media fields to talk about what happens when we create experiences intended to engage senses other than sight and sound.

The emphasis Apple put on the feedback and what they called "force touch" yesterday gives me hope that this will be the device to initiate a chunk of the mass market into tactile interfaces. Input and output.

I'm not bouncing off the walls here, but there's a little voice inside that really, really wants to get his hands on that watch.