It took a friend to point out that the features of my new favorite cafe were glaringly fake. Wood painted to look like it was distressed. The deliberate mish-mash of furniture styles to create the impression that the space had evolved over time.

Through one lens this is terrible. Although it is only one step removed from the current hip aesthetic of raw, exposed materials for damn near every surface. At first it disturbed me that I hadn’t zeroed in on the phoniness of it all. I’m an observant guy, picking up on details is part of the game.

So I searched my soul for why I had missed the fauxthentic decor and what I found delighted me.

It’s a goddamn set.

The techniques used to make the cafe look old are the same ones that would have come out of the paint shop in college. The cafe doesn’t read as “fake” to me because it reads as a “real set.” This is a completely ridiculous, and at the same time totally valid, reason to love fake things.

You can take the boy out of the theatre…