I've been eating "off schedule" for weeks now. Which is code for eating outside the confines of the diet that has been working wonders for me. It's not a time thing, "schedule" is play on the DEA terminology, because sugar is a hell of a drug.

One that makes me sloggy as fuck.

This week, so far, I'm back on the track that works. This is the third day of a "meat purge" where I eat mostly meat, drink coffee and lattes and that's about it. Sure, there's some sauce going on and maaaybe some cornbread made it into my pie hole. And maaaaybe those masala cashews I picked up in Little India over the weekend haven't been safe from grasping hands.

Still: I'm shedding the sugar-grasping water weight and the arrow is aimed the right way. More than that: I don't feel like I need to take a perpetual nap.

For something that can jazz you up so quickly, sugar sure as hell has a nasty downside.