Digital Homesteading, Again

Ello is a thing now.

This isn't the first time someone has put a Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr alternate out there and it won't be the last, but it has been sufficiently long enough that folks seems to be excited by the prospect.

I was sort of hoping to get @noah, but that was naturally already taken. By someone squatting the name. Typical.

They have a manifesto as opposed to a business plan, and have already started to articulate what their privacy policy will be. It was amusing to watch people jump all over them for not being a fully realized Web 3.0 experience with subtle privacy controls from the word jump.

Of course, that's why people are fed up with the current social networks.

Will it last? Not likely.

It's Tumblr with a minimalist aesthetic and a dodgy search function. It will get better over time, but face the uphill slog of not being different enough to bring enough users over that people can really abandon Facebook.

That’s what killed MySpace, which devoured Friendster: something actually different.

But it’s Autumn, and we need a new toy. So, Ello.