Big and Cheap

For a few minutes yesterday I handled the iPhone 6+ at a Best Buy kiosk.

What. The. Hell. Were. They. Thinking?

I’ve never thought of iPhones as cheap and plasticky—not even the 5C gives that impression.

That thing tho’…

While it is insanely thin, the one bit of the design that impressed me, the lightness for the first time gave me the impression that this is an insubstantial device. I know that the back is aluminum, but it felt like plastic. I was actually shocked by this impression, as it was not remotely in the expectations.

Not available for fondling: the iPhone 6. Hopefully the lines will have died down in the Apple stores this weekend and I can get my grubby paws on one for inspection. Give some more time to the 6+ as well… but I can’t help but think that despite the massive sales this will remembered as a mistake.