Late To The Slow Party

Over the weekend I bought a slow cooker--specifically a Crock Pot--on impulse while at Target.

The blasted thing was only $17, and the only thing I knew I could use it for was the Stubb's Chili Fixin's mix that I had similarly impluse bought at the supermarket the other day while I was wandering the store hungry.

Two days and one succesful experiement later and I am obsessed.

Last night I couldn't get to sleep before 2AM becaue I was too busy Google searching for recipies. Overnight Oatmeal is a thing. So is French Toast Casarole. A New Indian Slow Cooker cookbook was published just this month.

Best/worst of all: so many brea pudding recipies. So. So. Many.

I know it is all very #normcore to be sprung when totally #LTTP on something like a freaking Crock Pot, but I grew up eating Top Ramen on food stamps. I've spent most of my life eating first at fast food joints and then working my way up to real resturants as a way of dealing with--well, everything really.

So I may get very noisey about food for a while. Consider yourself forewarned. Because I also totally bought my first food processor, you guys.