Getting Dragged Back In...

I don't hate Facebook the company. I hate Facebook the website.

Specifically I hate the News Feed. It isn't really News, and no matter how much I tweak the settings it always winds up the same: a furball of horror, shame, and irrelevant ads.

Other Facebook products don’t phase me. I’m one of those people who really likes the standalone Messenger app. Why? Because it means I don’t have to look at the New Feed. Instagram is the greatest, and owned by Facebook. Oculus VR? We all know where I stand on that.

If only the New Feed wasn’t algorithmically perfected poison dog food.

The damn thing is that a good number of people in my life use that piece of shit as their primary mode of communication. There’s a degree of FOMO building up as I wonder what the hell is going on with their lives. The ambient knowledge of other’s worlds is one of the things about the Internet Age that I like… even if sometimes it becomes TMI.

That’s not what is going to drag me back, if I go back. Under duress. No. If anything makes me take up the tool again it is because people are asking me to use the damn thing to community organize. They want to keep in touch and since Facebook is their primary point of contact with the digital world they want to do it there.

I get it. I’m into simplification. It’s just… damn. Really?


I swore the damn thing off, and I do not like to break oaths.