Comfortably Numb

Something I never counted on happening too place yesterday: I became numb to The News.

It used to be that I would feel the impact of each story. Of every injustice. Of the terror. The heartache.

The combination of the Charlie Hebdo and Boko Haram stories this week just broke that. Now I see the pattern, and I very clearly but intellectually understand the horror. The simple, titanic wrongness of it all.

But I don't feel anything. It could be that the stories are so far away but I think it's something else. I think it's a defense mechanism, maybe even a step towards...I dunno. I want to say doing something about them, but that's somewhat crazy.

Unless "doing something" involves processing it all and writing about it. Treating this plauge of violence like a puzzle that can be solved if we just had a vision of how to reach a world where these kinds of actions were unthinkable to everyone and not just the folks who wake up to word of fresh terror.