Matching Clouds and Fog

There are days when Southern California's seemingly endless "pleasant weather" feels like it is all an elaborate scheme to mock my mood. I was born under this sky, but instead of being beholden to it's sunny disposition I'm of a more mercurial nature.

When the mood comes upon me, I need the weather to match or the resentment builds up.

Sure: one can't live under clouds forever or the soul curdles that way too. Retreats into a gloomy sleep that isn't easy to recover from, but that's a different issue.

Days like today, when the mood is on me and the clouds are low and fog clings to the palm trees that line the way to Griffith Park Observatory, these are the days that I cherish most in the Southland. A reminder that the sunny days are an act we put on to give the world hope, but that the people here have a purpose beyond entertaining the rest of humanity.

The show must go on, but there's more to the show than mere business.

READING: Cuchulain of Muirthemne, The Story of the Men of the Red Branch of Ulster-- Lady Gregory

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