It's Not The Stumble, But The Recovery That Counts

I broke diet earlier this week when everything go to be a but too much. The major drawback of the way I eat for weight loss is that the lack of sugar leaves me somewhat spacey, and there are times when I just need to feel warm, sharp and full of bread pudding.

But it's not the act of breaking diet that's in and of itself dangerous.

It's the next day. When the diet has been broken and Resistance rears his ugly head and says that there's no point to anyting.

This is like when toddler fall: they look to their mother in the moment after and check for her reaction. If she's upset, here comes the waterworks. The stumble is less imporatant than the recovery. I guess in the scenario we are our own mothers.

I did have a little gluten free macaroon yesterday, but I also turned down free beer. It wasn't good free beer--Bud Lite--so I'm not some kind of saint. I've got a geasa on me regarding Budwiser anyway. Let's just say: I'm glad there was water around.