False Spring

It's the depth of winter and the news out of the rest of the Northern Hemisphere seems to get that, but this week we missed the memo in LA.

The temperature has risen, which bodes poorly for our long-term drought conditions but does great things for the people watching. I've got that restlessness I usually have in late March and early April. There's a not-enitrely-appropriate spring in my step.

It's a false spring. The storms will come. In our case they have to. In the world's case they are inevitable. All kinds of storms. All over the place. Storms that threaten to undo the memory of Spring and drive us back to Winter. With Summer a dream that we never quite get to before waking up.

I started out with this actually being about the weather, but I don't think that's what my heart wanted to talk about.

May we all get through to Summer.