The Dumbest Planet Around

Sometimes I think that my love of NASA and space exploration has as much to do with my general disgust with humanity as it does with the childlike sense of wonder that I’ve kept alive for cough cough years.

The Internet, which was supposed to be a tool of liberation has instead turned into TV Plus now with Instant Outrage and Zero Sense of Proportion. I’m not entirely sure that people are ever going to get the handle on how to think things through in public.

I mean, I get it: I get pissed off too. I jump to conclusions too. I also tend to know when I’m doing that, stand back, and try and look at things rationally. Unless it’s during a Bioware game and then I’m all REACT YOU SON OF A BITCH!!!

It’s not about not being passionate, it’s about knowing that I’m not the only one on this mud ball.

Which is why I am so pissed with the Greatest Generation and Baby Boomers: we’re supposed to be on Mars by now, you jerks. I’m supposed to be able to hole up on an asteroid somewhere in the Kepler Belt where I can be the only one on the rock.

Maybe we deserve global warming and the end of human civilization.